Oklahoma Microscope Repair / Sales

Our main office is located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Authorized service in Oklahoma for Olympus, Labomed, Unitron, Accu-Scope and Swift brands. Our technicians are factory trained. We also service most other makes and models.  Please contact us for a quote on your microscope service and repair needs.

Our great business provides new and used microscopes for sale. Midwest Bioservice’s excellent microscopes are well built and will last many, many years.  Offering top quality microscopes at a reasonable price. You’ll enjoy our great microscopes for many years to come. We pride ourselves in great customer service too! Give us a call today!

If you’re in search of high-quality microscopes for sale in Oklahoma, you’re in luck! Oklahoma boasts a diverse scientific and educational community, and the demand for microscopes spans various fields, from research laboratories to educational institutions. Whether you’re a student, a researcher, or a hobbyist, finding the right microscope is essential for your specific needs.

Local universities and colleges often have surplus equipment sales or exchanges, offering cost-effective options for students and researchers looking to acquire microscopes without breaking the bank. These events can be an excellent opportunity to obtain high-quality instruments at reduced prices.

Oklahoma’s vibrant scientific community provides a platform for microscope enthusiasts to connect and share their passion. Science centers, museums, and science-related events frequently showcase the latest microscope technologies and innovations.

When considering microscopes for sale in Oklahoma, it’s crucial to determine your specific requirements, such as magnification levels, imaging techniques, and budget constraints. Additionally, seek advice from local experts or professors to ensure you make an informed decision.

Oklahoma offers a range of options for those seeking microscopes for sale. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or hobbyist, the state’s scientific community and equipment suppliers can help you find the perfect microscope to meet your needs. So, explore your options and discover the world of microscopy right here in the heart of Oklahoma.



Our PM service rates vary depending on the make, model, and quantity of microscopes to be serviced.