PM Service

Cleaning of the entire microscope and making minor mechanical adjustments and minor optical and/or light path alignments as needed. Usually recommended annually for student microscopes. For certain clinical microscopes and veterinary microscopes, some may want biannual PM service.

Component Repairs and Overhauls

Certain components of the microscope may need more major service repairs and/or overhauls during the life of the microscope. A couple of examples would include the stage when the controls become stiff, the focus adjustment when it becomes hard to turn, iris diaphragms when they are not functioning or have broken leaves, and any other mechanical issues. We offer sales for used parts and accessories.

Total Mechanical Overhaul

This would include a complete breakdown of the microscope, removal of all old lubricants, application of new lubricants, reassemble the microscope, and check for proper function.

Major Optical Alignments

These should be performed as needed. Technicians will check for proper alignments during a PM and report to a representative if a major alignment is necessary.


Electrical Repairs

During a PM the technician will check that the lamp(s) are working properly and if any electrical components need to be replaced (PCBs, Switches, Pots, etc.).



Our PM service rates vary depending on the make, model, and quantity of microscopes to be serviced.